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agosto 22, 2023


The empanadas arrived in Argentina by the Spaniards and each region adapted it to their typical products and to the taste of its population. Even today, each province has its variant, from the Salteñas, Tucumanas or Santiagueñas, to the least known of Patagonia.

Here we share our recipe:

Portions: 4
Timing: 90 min.
Ingredients: 11

● 250 gr of Flour 0000.
● 250 cc of warm water.
● 250 gr of Sirloin.
● Onion 2 u. (250 grams)
● Half red bell pepper
● Hard-boiled eggs (cooked) 2 units.
● 80 grs Pitted olives to taste
● 1 teaspoon of Paprika
● 1 teaspoon of Chili powder
● 2 teaspoon of Salt.
● Cow Fat 70 gr .
● Egg 1 u. (optional to paint)
● 1 teaspoon of cummin

• 1 medium-sized saucepan
• oven
• cutting board
• knife
• large bowl
• round pizza tin
• Rolling pin
• Pastry cutter

Recipe steps
Note: Using the same amount of onion and meat; it helps the filling (stuffing) to be juicier.
✨Prepare the empanada round dough: (if you get already done dough you can use it)
⚡️Make a brine with the warm water and salt, stir until the salt dissolves. Make a volcano with the flour on the kitchen counter, place the semi-melted fat (40 grs). Begin to unite with your fingers little by little until you get a sandblasting.
⚡️ Add the brine little by little and knead until you obtain a smooth and tender dough.
⚡️The fine texture of the dough that will be obtained will be plastic, semi-soft so that it can be pressed with a finger and will not quickly recover its shape. Wrap in film and leave to rest for about 30′ at room temperature.
⚡️To make the discs, Divide the dough in 12 parts, make 12 small balls and stretch each one with a rolling pin. The disc has to be about 12 cm of diameter.
✨ Chop the onion and the bell pepper in a small square pieces.
✨ In a medium-sized saucepan, put 30 grs of fat and melt over medium heat. (Fat can be replaced by oil). Once the fat is melted, add the onion, the bell pepper and cook until the onion turns transparent.
✨ Add the meat cut with a knife and cook for about 5 minutes.
✨ Then season to taste, we use: cumin, ground.

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