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Other Activities


Our main goal is to create great experiences for our guests. That’s why we developed this special combination of: DOVE HUNTING AND GOLF, with our Partner LACUARA GOLF & TRAVEL.

In Córdoba, Argentina, there are the perfect conditions for these two activities. We have the dove hunting fields, very close to incredible golf courts that are surrounded by the mountains of Córdoba.

We offer two Golf activities:
The Golf day program.
The Golf lessons program.


After a full day hunting, nothing better than a relaxing massage.
We also offer for the non-shooting guests a spa day with different relaxing activities.


Close to the lodge is the Ansenuza national park. It is the biggest salt lake in South America. There live the 66% of all species migratory and beach birds registered in Argentina.


ENJOY wine tasting after hunting. The afternoon shoots are amazing and after it, our staff can waiting for you in the lodge with a wine tasting and pairing so you can have that incredible time of relax after shooting. We serve different strains of wine from different regions of Argentina with the appropriate pairing, each choice of wine is explained by a professional Argentine sommelier.

Dove and Pigeon hunting

Depending on the birds and season, we will shoot cornfields, sunflower
fields, fields next to a river, flyways, and the outside of the roosts.