Our Hunts

At Estancia Las Palomas, you will experience
the dove shooting at its best.

The Experience

Types of Hunts

At Estancia Las Palomas , you will experience the dove shooting at its best. You will hunt the boundries of the roost and you will hunt the field where the dove go to feed. Hunting the roost is an exceptional experience with literally millions of birds swarming in all directions. A hunt in the roost is a bucket list activity for any serious wingshooting enthusiast. The roost is filled with dense woods like the Talas, Chañares, Piquillin, and Algarrobos that provide excellent protection for the birds. The feeding fields provide more open areas and wide variety of shot selections. Birds enter the wheat, soy, and corn fields by the thousands providing an unparalleled experience for any wing shooter.

The morning hunts take place under the shade of a Chañar or Algarrobo tree. When the action slows we will take a break for lunch, which can be held either in the field or at the lodge depending on the hunter’s preferences. The distance from the lodge let us go back for lunch, relax have a siesta and start again in the afternoon. The afternoon shoots are usually set up close to the roosting area to provide more time of shooting.